Gandolfi, a Natural Revolution

How can one distinguish products really thought of and brought to life according to nature, from the ones filling store shelves and labelled as “natural” and “organic”?

The term “natural” is grossly abused these days by the many people who bring out alluring messages and resounding statements about the wholesomeness of their products.
Don't be fooled: a quick glance at the ingredients used, will convince you that the promises carried by the labels and the advertising, do not hold forth. Their products - in their basic components - don't differ at all from the load of similarly mass-marketed goods which resort to “traditional” chemical cosmetics.

Our priority aim is to improve the quality of life by means of a coherent, tangible and firm answer for all these people who look after their wellbeing, searching among the simplest and purest forms available.

Scents and feelings lost in this era of the “artificial”, are rediscovered in our 100% natural lines of products. The secrets of nature savoured day by day.
This is Gandolfi: simply nature.

And nature is reflected in the products springing from it and which man has been able to mould to his needs, keeping its characteristics by simply intensifying them.

Gandolfi means expertise aimed at gathering and processing the active principles hidden in the goods of the earth.

Our company is the natural consequence of an ancient family tradition bound to bee-keeping and the related products.

Our trade mark guarantees an accurate selection and persevering research of the best ingredients, together with a wise and meticulous enforcement of the most appropriate methods of production.

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