Target Nature

Before choosing a natural product, read the label carefully

MISSION: fulfilling the needs of man according to nature, with respect for the environment.

l. yes: to 100% natural origin

For our products we employ genuine and natural raw materials, unique in their quality, made precious by careful and accurate handling.

2. no: to preservatives

Our products, because of the natural proprieties of the ingredients we use, last as long, but without undesired ill effects.

3. no: to dyes

You have our word: no chemical dyes (marked as "C.I." = Colour Index, in the ingredients).
The colours of our products derive only from their natural ingredients.

4. no: to synthetic scents and perfumes

None of our products carry the term "Parfum" (= artificial) on its label.
Our fragances, intense as they are, spring directly from the natural ingredients and from the warranted natural essential oils and are indicated by the botanical name of the plant they are extracted from.

5. no: to sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or to any harmful surfactant

SLS, SLES and many others surfactants are cheap and make the products very lathery. Alas, they abound practically in every cosmetic product including those for personal hygiene. They attack the skin with harmful side-effects, making their use unacceptable.
This is our solution and choice: natural ingredients of vegetal origin, which are more expensive, but safe and effective.

6. no: to mineral oils, silicones solubilisers or synthetic thickeners

Too many of the typical cosmetic ingredients are cheap and make the products “artificially” more desirable. We have banned them from our line of products and we rely on the effectiveness of the active natural principles acting in synergy.

All Gandolfi's products have been tested. They do not induce allergies, they are not irritant to the skin and mucous membranes.

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